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About Druthers
  Druthers was established in 2007 by Therman Smith, as a company we consider ourselves a mid cost provider with high end results. Above all, we realize the magnitude of our client's investment which at times is tied to a 30yr mortgage; that said durable and quality services are a must! We care about and honor our work as we build relationships, not just customers. Integrity can be attested to by each and every experience. We excell at all the services provided and the fine points are never overlooked! 
" If I could teach what the master taught which is to bring something righteous to a world once wrought, then my living ought not been in vain"
Pittsburgh native, South Side resident of 30yrs and Carrick High graduate, including one year of higher learning for personal enrichment. I started remodeling in 1993 by assisting in rehabbing our familie's first home. After which, I continued in the field over the years and through working at Kennedy Construction for five very informative years (while maintaining my own company) I truly excelled at the craft. Today I am truly ready to serve.      Thank you!
Committed to helping our customers achieve their dreams
Over 20yrs experience